Choose Cruelty-Free will become Cruelty-free International


Big news for the cruelty-free beauty world!

Choose Cruelty-Free Australia will join Cruelty Free International adopting all Leaping Bunny standards.

The merge was announced via IG on @crueltyfreeintl on the 3rd of June, where Cruelty Free International stated the following:

"For over 25 years CCF has helped offer consumers in Australia the option to make ethical choices by approving brands committed to ending animal testing. This new partnership will bolster the growing interest of cruelty-free Australian consumers and enable Australian brands to gain our gold standard Leaping Bunny approval"

  Cruelty Free certification bunny

(Announcement of the merge on Cruelty Free International's IG account)


We wanted to gather as much information as possible on the topic and it is official: all companies currently approved by Choose Cruelty Free will be given the opportunity and support to transition to the strict Leaping Bunny standards.

Cruelty Free International has not mentioned how long the transition is going to take and if all companies currently certified by CCF will join the Leaping Bunny program, but a list of those on the process of gaining the Leaping Bunny approval can be found here.

We are super happy about this great news as this means the brands certified by Leaping Bunny - currently the only reliable cruelty-free certification in Europe - will be more and more and their strict standards will be applied even on brands in Australia! 

We cannot wait to see which brands will successfully transition to Leaping Bunny! What about you?

Let us know in the comments!

Confused about all these certifications and what really happened here? Make sure to check our Guide to learn about the main differences among the standards of the most common cruelty-free certifications.


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