Which vegan mascara is best for you?

A proper must-have of any beauty kit. Whether you are a minimalist only wearing concealer and occasionally, some eyeshadow, or a true make up lover who is not afraid to rock bold lipsticks and can´t live without her full coverage foundation, mascara is THE product no woman can live without - right? 

It instantly changes your whole face, makes your eyes pop, bigger, more awake - it just delivers miracles in a few seconds and why would you have to skip this make up staple when you can have it vegan, certified cruelty-free and just as good as any non-cruelty-free alternative you used to love?

Let's find your next favourite conscious mascara together! We will take you through our current offer and explain all characteristics and special factors of each of our vegan, leaping bunny certified mascaras.


100% Pure Maracuja Mascara

Best suited for: those who want a real lash-care treatment while getting a natural looking volume

Perfect for: day & night - use the Dark Chocolate version during the day for best natural results and the Black Tea one at night. Super pigmented, both versions deliver a dramatic color

Waterproof: Yes

Key ingredientsmaracuja oil, lash conditioning vitamins, and pigments of tea, cocoa, and coffee

Star ingredients: conditioning Pro-vitamin B5 pairs with lash-thickening seaweed to enhance volume and promote healthy hair growth

Wand: classic fitted, tapered oval and super easy to use. Densely-packed bristles slightly oversized, perfect for curled, dense-looking lashes

Maracuja mascara - 100% Pure 


Lily Lolo Natural Mascara

Best suited for: those who want a simple natural, yet effective and volumizing mascara that is perfect for every occasion 

Perfect for: day & night - this mascara is just the perfect alternative for those who want a really natural look during the day but a versatile and easy to use mascara that can be layered to achieve more dramatic evening looks

Waterproof: no

Key ingredients: sunflower, carnauba and rice waxes - all plant-based and with a super staying power. It´s fragrance-, paraben- and silcon-free.

Star ingredients: rose extract and argan oil, they will nourish and soften your lashed while you wear it

Wand: pointed, fitted and tapered oval. This brush will separate your lashes and perfectly distribute the product from the roots to the tips adding density

affordable vegan mascara
Natural Mascara - Lily Lolo



Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara

Best suited for: those who do not want to compromise on volume, thickness and lenght. This mascara will make your lashes super thick and long in seconds for very dramatic, intense results

Perfect for: night but hey - if you love your wawawoom lashes you can use it whenever you want! 

Waterproof: no

Key ingredients: quick drying cornflower, olive oil and a mix of plant-based waxes to hold your lashes in place and make them super strong and big

Star ingredients: rose and rice extracts to nourish your lashes while you wear the mascara

Wand: hourglass-shaped tip, fitted and dense bristles. Perfect if you have sparse lashes, this phenomenal brush separates the lashes and holds them curled for maximum volume

vegan crueltyfree mascara
Big Lash Mascara - Lily Lolo
So, which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments which of these three vegan besties if your must-have one!

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Unrenewed Cruelty-free Certification: what happens when a brand suddenly loses the Leaping Bunny Standard

Unrenewed Cruelty-free Certification: what happens when a brand suddenly loses the Leaping Bunny Standard

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