And here we are with our Vegan Skincare Series! Today we are going to talk about sensitive skin, cover all its major concerns, give you as always our tips and product recommendations on how to treat skin that often reacts to certain ingredients or gets easily inflamed.

The best cruelty-free skincare products for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is probably one of the most difficult to manage. It can easily get irritated and inflamed showing redness all over or just in specific areas, tends to react to specific ingredients and it can be very difficult to understand which ones cause the inflammation.

Exactly as an allergy or a food intolerance, the reasons why our skin reacts to certain substances, sometimes even non-aggressive, natural ones, are kind of unknown and the reaction may be triggered by anything. 

Paying attention to the products that cause you irritations or instant redness is the key to try at least identify the possible ingredients that may be giving your skin a hard time.

Having said that, it is a truly personal concern and each sensitive skin differs from others, as the triggers vary from person to person. In worst cases even buying products specifically formulated for sensitive skin may be causing you some issues, as this type of skin may react to absolutely anything.

Nevertheless, a good skincare regimen for sensitive skin is specifically formulated with soothing, calming ingredients, avoiding those common ones which are known to be aggressive or potentially cause reactions.


A good cleanser for sensitive skin should contain ingredients that calm and restore it while eliminating dirt and pollution without pulling.

Aloe vera, chamomile, witch-hazel are some of the most common, potent ingredients that sooth and restablish skin. The best formulas are milky or oily ones, as a foaming cleanser could tend to strip skin more causing irritation.

Our pick: Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Advanced Cleansing Milk with olive oil, sunflower oil and seaweed extract. Gently cleanses removing make up and impurities while assisting cell renewal. Non-greasy, non-stripping formula.

best vegan cleanser for sensitive skin


A toner is probably one of the most important skincare steps for sensitive skin, together with a good serum and moisturizer.

After gently cleansing the pores, skin will be ready to absorb the following treatments. A toner will assist the cleansing process and being the first used right after a cleanser, it wil deliver essential actives to improve it.

When we are talking about sensitive skin, you want to look for a toner that replenishes moisture, calms redness and tones while minimizing pores.

We have chosen Kahina Giving Beauty Toning Mist with aloe vera, rose water and willow bark extract, the perfect toner for sensitive skin. Contains soothing, calming ingredients that will instantly calm any redness or irritation, as well as nourishing ingredients, such as argan and rice seed extract that will make sure your skin is hydrated and radiant.

Vegan, cruelty-free Toning mist


Potent soothing, calming, restoring ingredients: this is everything you want to look for in a good serum for sensitive skin. Being one of the key skincare step in every routine, the serum will make sure to calm all inflammations and deliver essential actives to cure skin from within and prevent future redness from showing.

It re-establishes skin´s balance and nourishes it delivering hydration.

We think the best cruelty-free and vegan serum for sensitive skin is the Kahina Giving Beauty Restorative Serum with argan oil, lavender, prickly pear oil and pomegranate seed extracts. It delivers antioxidants while gently reducing inflammation and repairing tissue damage.

vegan face serum for sensitive skin


Hydration and care should never miss in any skincare regimen and a face oil will make sure to deliver a good dose of moisture while targeting other major concerns. In case of sensitive skin, this is of course soothing irritation, stop ongoing reactions and prevent future ones.

We had to include the Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Revitalising Face Oil with baobab, argan and peach kernel oil to revitalise, sooth and renew. Your skin will be left calm, radiant and hydrated.

Vegan, Cruelty-free Face Oil


And here we come to the top product of a good vegan skincare regimen for sensitive skin! A moisturizer can do wonders and dramatically improve your skin, reduce its sensitivity while acting as a barrier against potential inflammation triggers, pollution, bacteria and dirt.

Used mornings and nights, the moisturizer will change the appearance of your skin in just a couple of weeks, calming all possible redness and irritations and strenghtening skin to prevent future inflammations.

Try Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Dew Face Cream, with pomegranate, baobab and argan oil, to build strenght and protect from stress while smoothing away signs of ageing.

Vegan, Cruelty-free Moisturizer Sensitive Skin


Adding extra steps to your skincare routine is always a good idea, but especially when treating sensitive skin.

As redness or inflammations may come even during the day triggered by external factors, it is a good habit to do extra treatments once or twice a week.

The one treatment which can be kind of tricky for sensitive skin is peeling, as it may just strip it and be too aggressive. Eliminating dead skin cells is key for every skin type, but you should look for an extra gentle peeling when exfoliating sensitive skin and always do when it´s wet to minimize damages.

The best thing is to use a beauty tool such as a Konjac Facial Sponge with Chamomile and Pink Clay to gently exfoliate while cleansing skin. This will not also potentiate the effects of your cleanser but used once or twice a week, it will make sure you remove all dead skin layers in the most gentle way possible.

Vegan Facial Konjac Sponge, Cruelty-free



We recommend you use a good nourishing, soothing mask twice a week for best results. 100% Pure Green Tea Water Bomb Mask is perfect to sooth and hydrate, with aloe vera gel and cucumber extracts.

vegan, cruelty-free hydrating sheet mask

This kit will help your skin renew itself and keep redness and inflammations at bay. However, good results may take some time to be achieved, as the first priority is to sooth irritations and block further reactions by eliminating the possible triggers and while you can certainly achieve this pretty quickly by using the right products, it may take some time to treat skin´s sensitivity.

This type of skin needs constant care and extra attention. Be patient and don´t be too hard on yourself! Your efforts will pay back!

Let us know in the comments if you suffer from sensitive skin and how it tipically looks like. What do you do to treat it?







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